Stories in the Dark

Stories in the Dark

Featuring Gabrielle S. Awe

Episode 51: The Artist

Episode 50: Halloween Special: The Box

Season 3

“What kinds of presents do you get on Halloween?”


Episode 49: The Forest

Episode 48: The Baby

Season 3

A new baby comes home today, and she can’t wait to meet it.

Episode 47: The Disease

Episode 46: Swan Lake

Season 3

Willow Lake used to be famous for the swans that nested here, with their eggs the size of my palm and their downy chicks and their silent disdain for the people who lived on the shores of their lake.

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Episode 45: The Actor

Episode 44: The Apartment

Season 3

You had better follow the rules of the apartment…

Episode 43: Down in the Deeps

Episode 42: Hell Night

Season 3

It’s here…

Welcome to Hell Night

Episode 41: Angels

Episode 40: We’re Back

Season 3

Our first episode of season 3!

Have you missed us? We know we’ve missed you…

Episode 39: Seven Veils

Episode 38: Three Nights in the Desert

Season 2

I went to the desert to find my sister.

I went to the desert to die alone.

Episode 37: Where Do You Go

Episode 36: Itsy Bitsy

Season 2

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout…

Episode 35: There Are No Wolves in this Forest

Episode 34: He

Season 2

They summon us and think us tame, bound by the salt and the word and the name, but this is not true.

With this episode, we wanted to give a shout out to the LGBTQ+ community, and know that we love and support you.

Episode 33: Jess

Episode 32: The Hunger

Season 2

Something’s hungry…

We did something special for this week’s episode and Gabrielle did a video of her recording! Check it out on our YouTube channel, and let us know what you think!

Episode 31: The Crows and the Darkness

Episode 30: Eyes in the Snow

Season 2

There are dark things in the winter that bring more than just cold.

Episode 29: No Way Out

Episode 28: Winter Wonderland

Season 2

What could possibly go wrong at Winter Wonderland?

Welcome back to our second season! The theme of the season is demons, and we’ll be exploring inner demons, outer demons, demons you know, and some you’ve never heard of before. We’re back with a new posting schedule, and are excited to share our stories with you!

Episode 27: The Neighbors

Episode 26: Little Girl, Lost

Season 1

What is more tragic than a lost little girl, looking for her family?
What indeed.
Come listen with us and find out what secrets lurk in the cold and the deep; of legends that haunt and ships that return empty.
Listen to the little girl, lost. 

Episode 25: The Three Weird Sisters

Episode 24: The Bride

Season 1

Why does the bride walk the night?

Episode 23: The House, Haunted

Episode 22: The Girl Who Didn’t Die

Season 1

Everyone knows the spirits walk on All Hallow’s Eve. But who is brave enough to visit the restless dead

Episode 21: David’s Pumpkins

Episode 20: The Devil’s House

Season 1

Welcome to the second episode of our spooky season collection!

This week we’ll be listening to The Devil’s House. It is story about what lies behind the disguise.

What happens when you go to a Halloween party? What will you find?

What happens when you look behind the mask? Is it a mask?

Episode 19: Forever, Dead Love

Season 1

Spooky season is here! Our first story eases us towards Halloween with a tale of a girl who goes home with a handsome stranger and finds that the house, and the stranger, have secrets she couldn’t even imagine; secrets that could trap her there forever.

As mentioned in the episode, check out Gabrielle’s guest post on A New Look on Books!

Episode 18: Living Dead Girl

Episode 17: The Gift

Season 1

This isn’t a horror story; it’s a love story. Although, as you know, the most truest love stories have some horror in them. This is a story about going into the darkness for love.

Episode 16: Liriel

Episode 15: The California Hotel

Season 1

What happens when you stray from the safety of the highways and byways of normal life? If you find yourself stranded outside a hotel that shouldn’t be there…be prepared for what you might find, especially when old enemies have friends in strange places.

Episode 14: Rabbit Rabbit

Season 1

When she first saw him, she didn’t realize he would lead her into darkness; a darkness that was already there…

Episode 13: The Stair that wasn’t There

Season 1

Ever felt like something was watching you, just waiting for you to fall down? What if you were right? Follow Amy as she fights to get her sister back from the thing that took her.

This week’s story is for our Patron Amy – our first Narcissist! As a supporter on Patreon, Amy earned a story written just for her. Check out if you want to support our podcast and get goodies for yourself

Episode 12: The Girl with the Golden Heart

Season 1

Who’s the darkest of them all?
She is.

She was born with a soft golden heart, but what they did to her changed everything.

This episode contains events which some may find disturbing or triggering. Please consider this content and trigger warning.

Episode 11: The Corpse Taker’s Daughter (An Outer Demons Story)

Season 1

Find out what happens with the Corpse-Taker and the little girl she brought home with her to the Citadel of the Dead. What could happen to a human child growing up in the land of the dead?

Episode 10: Fairy Tales Part 2

Season 1

The Girl In the Forest
When a boy is so obviously destined for happiness, who can blame him for seeking out his happily ever after? When he sets out to rescue the girl in the forest who sings to him in his dreams…well, nothing could possibly go wrong. I’m sure he’ll get his happy ending…

Episode 9: The House that Demons Built

Season 1

Ever since they took my mother away for doing what the women in my family have always done I’ve known to keep my mouth shut about the things I see, the lurkers and the wraiths and the crows in my window, waiting to talk to me after the sun goes down.

Episode 8: Out for Blood (An Outer Demons story)

Season 1

A retired demon with a taste for blood is lured out of hiding in this week’s tale of darkness

Haunted by her past, Daniela doesn’t want to kill anymore; she just wants to hide in an unknown corner, sharpen her claws, and chat with the delivery boy once a month. But when the delivery boy goes missing she has to decide if the mystery of his disappearance is worth exposing herself to the world again.

Episode 7: Fairy Tales Part 1

Season 1

A special midweek post today!

Not all fairy tales have happy endings, and my sisters and I are the ones who make sure that is true. You’ll find us when the queen gives birth to a monster; when the princess drowns in the lake. We are the ones who make sure the prince never rescues the sleeping girl or the king marries the wrong sister, and everyone lives unhappily ever after. This is our work, and I’ve always been proud of it.

So be careful what you wish for; your fairy tale might just have me in it.

Episode 6: The Dead Girls

Season 1

When the dead girls first appeared to her she realized she knew them, back when they were alive. When they went away she didn’t know why; when they came back again…

Episode 5: The Other Side

Season 1

This is a story for anyone who has ever gone through something that was really and truly difficult. The kind of hard times that you aren’t sure you’ll make it out of. The dark stuff where you aren’t sure you’ll come out the other side. This is for you.

Episode 4: Two Trees in the Forest

Season 1

This story was inspired by a picture I saw that immediately started my creative juices flowing. It was a picture of two trees in a dark, abandoned-looking forest. The trees were connected by a shining, sparking string of light that looked like the filament in an old-fashioned lightbulb right before it pops. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to write a story about those trees, a story with a touch of horror, a story about a girl who goes into that forest and comes out…different.

Episode 3: Mr. Veil Goes Hunting (An Outer Demons story)

Season 1

He steps out of a shadow and finds his prey. Mr. Veil is the darkest thing out there, and in this story we learn how he meets Alice – a meeting that we will find, in later stories, has repercussions throughout the universe. This is where it starts.

“He held out his hand, elegant and chalk white, palm up to show he means no harm. He was an accomplished liar.”

Episode 2: The Monster in the Deep

Season 1

What tales do spacers tell when they are sitting around a campfire? What horrors exist out in the vastness of space? In this story we hear, we hear about a monster that crawls through the stars, the monster that we met out in space and hope to never see again.

Episode 1: The Corpse Taker (An Outer Demons story)

Season 1

The corpse-taker serves in the realm of the dead; she finds and takes the corpses of those who died in unusual ways; she keeps their secrets and she cares for them as they weren’t cared for in life. When she hears the call of a new corpse she must go; except this time, when she goes to pick up the fresh dead, she leaves with something else as well.

“You cannot hide the dead from the corpse-taker.”