Stories in the Dark

Stories in the Dark

Featuring Gabrielle S. Awe

Now a Black Cat Collective production!


Come listen to the dark


Welcome to Stories in the Dark, a podcast of short stories that tend towards the dark, the creepy, or the dangerous.

We are really excited to announce that you can now get a collection of our favorite stories in book form!

In our first season, we told a variety of dark tales about various evils. Season one runs episodes 1-27.

In season two, there will be a theme of demons. Demons from our world, from other worlds, from outside forces, or from within ourselves. With our second season, we are also moving to a bi-weekly schedule with new episodes going up every other Tuesday. In addition to the episodes, we are doing bonus content that will look at some of the stories and lore around the stories we tell. Season two starts with episode 28 and runs through episode 39.

Season 3 is all about monsters and mayhem! For this season, we focus on monsters of all kinds and all of the chaos they bring. Season three starts with episode 40. 


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Written and performed by Gabrielle S. Awe
Produced by Jeremy Herbel

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The Artist

Episode 51: The Artist

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The Box

Episode 50: Halloween Special: The Box

Season 3

“What kinds of presents do you get on Halloween?”


We’ve been busy! If you haven’t heard, we launched a new podcast called Finding Satan! Stay tuned at the end of this episode to listen to the first episode of Finding Satan called The Black Circle. 


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The Forest

Episode 49: The Forest

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The Disease

Episode 47: The Disease

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